series of 12 *unique* screenprints on recycled paper, made at the screenprinting studio at Paris College of Art. Signed on the back.



This are ‘unique’ screenprints because they were made in a non-traditional and improvised way. Each print has slight variation, rather than the traditional exact multiples expected of this and other print-making mediums. I used various found paper, and each print has a different quantity of ink. It’s made with 2-layers of high-quality gold and dark blue ink, and the screens are from my drawings of plants.

In screen-printing, you use a screen with the negative space blocked out with emulsion, so that the ink is pushed through the screen to create your ‘positive image’. When you finish printing, you power-wash out the emulsion so that you can re-use your screen. While I was erasing the screen, I found a striking image of the plants distorted like television interference, so I paused the erasing process, and used the ‘half-washed’ screens to make a new print.

They were made with a variety of white or cream, matte or shiny paper.

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Frame option shown in second picture: simple wood frame with white backing paper