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Who is she?

Hi, thanks for being here :)

I am an artist who grew up in Maryland, USA, and now I live in Paris, France.


I am inspired by nature and by the urban landscape and I like to explore their relationship in my work.


I work across mediums and often with recycled materials, often found on the streets or in reclaim shops as discarded material.


Physical material interests me deeply and I like that used material has an existing history. I make a lot of drawings and experiment with print-making techniques, but I also enjoy sculpture and working with materials like clay and fabric. I'm open to using any material and I try not to limit myself but rather go with the flow of my natural curiousity. I studied art history before accepting my calling as a creative artist and studied for one year (2017-18) in Paris.

To see more of my process and inspiration images, please visit my instagram or watch my video portrait from 23 storytelling

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to talk to me :)

clouds painting LLB.jpg
PHOTO-2020-05-07-16-55-32 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2021-10-26 175324.jpg
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