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Who    is    she  ?

Hi, thanks for being here :)


I am interested in exploring emotions and intimate feelings with yummy soft colors and physical materials.

It is important for me to follow my curiosity and maintain an open creative heart.

 I work across mediums but am mainly focused on paper and ceramic sculpture as well as painting on paper. I love to work with recycled materials,  found on the streets or in reclaim shops. I like how used material has it's own history since before our encounter. I'm interested in the transformation of material.

I grew up in Maryland, USA, and now I live in Paris, France.

To see more of my process and recent images, visit my instagram

or watch my video portrait 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to talk to me 

clouds painting LLB.jpg
PHOTO-2020-05-07-16-55-32 (1).jpg
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